Everyone needs LEADS in order to grow their business, and even more people need BITCOIN leads in particular. So thats what the product is all about, bitcoin leads.
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We can see our 456k full records list contains at least 1000 more USA bitcoin users! Additionally, our list is spread all over the globe which attests to the popularity of the amazing bitcoin phenomenon.

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Crypto-Currency Users

We can produce a list of 5000 crypto-currency users with full records from the 456k list: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, IP Address, IP Country, Country Full, Country Code, Country Phone, County, Deposit, Volume, Profit, Withdrawal**. What is even more exciting is we can do that for any country worldwide! We can see the majority of our contacts on the 456k list are from India and targeting the USA might not be the best thing to do with it. However, We can build a North American list including some of Canada or Mexico. Likewise other regions such as Europe, Asia or South America may be targeted this way. And what’s not to like? Targeted leads with full records at a great price!
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