3 Sure-fire Content Marketing Tips for Bitcoin Trading

If you wish to make your mark in the bitcoin trading industry and stand out from the increasingly competitive crowd, focus on your content marketing strategy. Numerous bitcoin traders have reported a surge in their bitcoin profits as soon as they implemented some smart content marketing strategies to up their game. Let’s take a look at the top 3 sure-fire content marketing tips for bitcoin traders that helped them gain traction on their bitcoin investments:

1. Avoid click baits and cliched jargons

Bitcoin trading is not a fool’s game. Both existing and aspiring bitcoin traders are well-versed in how the trading market works and hence cannot be lured in through click baits or cliched jargons. 

Crypto traders are looking for informative and educational content that adds value to their existing investment strategies. Focus on providing them with the relevant information that they are looking for instead of selling fluff in the name of content. 

Data-driven and statistical-based content are always preferred by bitcoin traders – something that gives them a clear cut understanding of the current trading trends and news updates. This will further help you acquire new and relevant leads. 

2. Switch to Visual Content for better results

More visual content means more engagement. The best way to present useful crypto or bitcoin-related data is through a visual representation. The digital audience is more inclined towards visual data consumption, and that’s what we should aim for. 

Informative content coupled with relevant visuals is said to garner five times better retention rate. This is how impactful visual content is.

Bitcoin traders are more inclined towards the following type of visual content:


Bitcoin trading infographics tend to get three times higher engagement rate on social media as compared to text-based content. 

Static Visual Article Summaries

Visual representation of informative bitcoin trading articles are highly popular amongst the target audience and garner more traction than usual textual content. Visual article summaries are also more shareable on social media.


Creating videos might be expensive, but it is very effective in the longer run. Adding video content to your website’s landing page will drastically increase your conversion rate by a high margin. It is the most popular type of content consumed by our digital audience.

3. Always Use Call-to-Actions (CTAs) 

Using call-to-actions is the key to complete your content marketing funnel and drive your target audience towards conversions. When you are creating CTAs to attract potential bitcoin traders, focus on the quality of content and how it adds value for the audience and persuades them to make the final click. 

It is further recommended that you constantly monitor and evaluate your existing data and plan your content marketing strategies and CTAs based on audience behaviour and psychographics. Data is everything!

If you are still struggling to implement an effective content marketing strategy for bitcoin trading, our experts would be glad to do the job for you. Click here to connect with us.