Sales Leads

Which key word? Everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to Let’s learn about sales leads, what the hell is a sales lead? A sales lead is a name, address and a phone number that hopefully will produce a sale, it doesn’t get simpler on that.

I remember when I started, I was watching the Super Bowl and I was watching one of my competitors spending a million dollars a minute I believe it was and say to myself, boy, I wish I had a million dollars so I could advertise on Super Bowl. And at that party there was a guy there and this is when the internet just started. And he said, let me see you tomorrow and I’ll show you how we could the next year take advantage of his million dollars.

Sure enough, we bought, because of dot-com dot-net and the other ones weren’t available. And guess what, the day after Super Bowl from all the drinking, all the crazy festivities, the people that were going and responding to that website remembered sales leads and remember tv. And guess what, they went on the internet, they punch in and hello, can you have this, you have that, you have this and of course, we said, yes. You know and yeah, it wasn’t exactly a nice thing to do.

And Mr. Gupta called up, try to buy me out and he was very, very pissed off, no, there was a damn thing he can do about it, I mean we were pretty smart. And little by little, we have figured out this all internet thing and right now, the word sales leads is; what we call a keyword. So when you go to Google, you punch in these keywords and that’s how we market to you. And then sales leads is a pretty broad thing. I mean we’re not talking about accredited, be careful, when he asked someone for sales leads and don’t say a credit, you want to a credited sales leads.
Once accredited 200,000 a year for the last two years, million net worth not including his home, experience in managing his personal portfolio, 25 to 50,000 dollar qualified and he has received the private place of memorandum. If you’re doing a private placement, you have to make sure that the word accredited was mentioned to any of those broker you’re talking, say hey, they got to be accredited.

You don’t want to buy info USA, it’s a model information, you don’t want to buy She takes that model information and she does this zip plus four average that they assign this 200,000 income or million network and it’s maybe 65% not accurate. They’ve not been surveyed; they’ve not been mailed the private placement memorandum, they’ve not been vetted to be accredited; they’re really a joke. And you know what, if you pay seven cents a lead for an accredited investor, I’m not your guy anyway, don’t call me.
Now I do have some stuff from competitors that are no longer in business on what that database out and I could give you a real, real good deal on that kind of stuff. Maybe you’re all that one I’m selling myself. But for God’s sakes, always say hey, has this guy been surveyed and mailed the ppm? If they say yes, you’re in the right place. if they say oh no, it’s modeled information where they lie to you and they say they’re accredited investors, they’re just sales leads. Phonebook, just find a good zip, you know a zip code and just dial that zip code, you get better results.

You have any questions about sales leads, call me: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless!