Oil and Gas Leads

Everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to bitcoinleads.net. Oil and gas leads, why would you go to Google and punch in oil and gas leads when you’re at the of bitcoinleads.net website? Because you’re smart And I’ll tell you why because bitcoin leads is such a brand new arena and there’s such a brand-new deal and what we normally work with is people that have been surveyed, vetted to be accredited 25 to 50,000 minimum and mailed a private placement memorandum. There’s not a lot of those that we can find that have been pitched on Bitcoin.

So if you’re punching in oil and gas leads in Google and you’re looking for Bitcoin that you’re very, very smart and you’re right on the money. Look my job is to identified the accredited investor, 90% of my leads come from the oil and gas industry. When oil drops six months ago, the poor people that hung in there, they busted their butts to try to find a guy that was still quite well in gas for $40-50 a barrel and they survived that. Half the oil and gas guys did not survive, they’re all coming back slowly but surely right now. I think oiI may be trading in the 70s right now.

And now it makes sense but I got to tell you oil and gas leads work perfectly for a Bitcoin deal. You don’t care where they came from you care that they’re accredited. You care that they were surveyed by a broker dealer the guy is got skin in the game, 10% incomes for commission is what he’s looking for and most important of all, they’ve been mailed the private placement memorandum, that’s what we do. Dollar apiece thousands minimum, no samples for every thousand you spend, you get one hundred big Doggs for free. The big dogs are quarter million minimum and five million investable assets, the best things in the country.

If you want to break at 5,000, we drop the 50 cents; 2,500, I’d give you diversity.

Four files, each file represents a different company where I bought the leads from and then of course, I give you the big Doggs. 100 big dogs, the only five bucks apiece for every thousand dollars you spend. We scrub against the litigators list, I buy that personally. The do-not-call, I mean 280 million people on the do-not-call money percent of the population on a do-not-call. You have a send number, I’ll struck it’s not going to be a lot left over. You don’t have a send number, I’m not scrubbing, you’re signing indemnity letter, you know you’ll say yeah I know what’s going on. I mean it is what it is. I think we’ve got bigger fish to fry right now but I’m hoping that regulation changes, we’re knocking down a lot of regulations. But I really think this do-not-call is crazy. I’m on a do-not-call, get 25 phone calls a day, I don’t have time to bitch about it.

You know what, if you’re smooth and you don’t piss the people off, you’re going to be just fine. You have any questions, give me a call. John Fischer: 561-981-8777. And yes, if you’re looking for oil and gas leads, we’re your guys. You can also visist our mother site SalesLeads.TV.