Bitcoin Leads for Sale

Bitcoin leads for sale! This is My name is John Fischer, I’m the owner of the company. And you know one of the things that a key word that you guys love to punch in as Bitcoin leads for sale there is no real Bitcoin lead right now, I mean there may be some opt-in stuff out there which I don’t trust. I’d be very, very leery about calling anything that’s generated online. Number one, they’re not going to be accredited 25-30% of jokes and there’s a lot of troublemakers in those leads if you understand what I mean, that’s not what I would do.

What we do and we’ve been doing for 28 years and it’s the model we follow. My job, my responsibility is to identify the accredited investor, to identify him through another broker, the old-fashioned way. Calm the guy making sure, he’s vetted, he’s an accredited investor. Make sure he has 25 to 50,000 dollars minimum risk capital and mailing him a private place of memorandum.

The thinking is if this broker who’s looking to make his commission thought this guy was good enough to mail a package to, you got a shot. The thinking is experienced like me, being on the phone 40 years, it’s real simple guys. 20% of the brokers write 80% of the business. 80% of the paper is never closed properly and that model has been working for me for 28 years now, we have an A+ rating by the way.

So if you’re looking for Bitcoin leads for sale, again remember, there isn’t really any Bitcoin leads. I mean hey, these are Bitcoin leads, there are accredited investors, you sell up to your vertical. Vertical is their original oil and gas guys, a vertical would be real estate, a vertical would be cush marijuana deals, pharmacy, entertainment, Bitcoin, you get it?

You have any questions, call me: 561-981-8777 or visit our mother site SalesLeads.TV. Have a beautiful day, God bless!